Wed, Jun 22


Parking in the Safra Square parking lot next to the complex

Omri Assenheim

Omri Assenheim is an investigative journalist and filmmaker who, for the past eleven years, has led the team of writers for UVDA, the foremost TN Channel 2 investigative and documentary program. Omri Assenheim was the 2009 recipient of the Sokolow Prize for Investigative Journalism and received the Israel Second Authority for Television and Radio Primor Award for his investigative reporting about the Institute of Forensic Medicine (2015) and for his research on Israel’s lobbying industry (2011).

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Omri Assenheim

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Jun 22, 7:30 PM

Parking in the Safra Square parking lot next to the complex, Ha-Sha'ar he-Khadash St, Jerusalem

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Lecture subject: “Journey to the Truth”

A behind-the-scenes look at the work of an investigative reporter. How do you gain trust? How can you penetrate the protective walls that interviewees surround themselves with? How do you decide what is true and what is fake? When do you ask questions, and when do you keep silent? What are the obstacles to getting the truth, and when should you apply pressure to get at the facts?

During the lecture, Omri Assenheim will screen relevant excerpts from his documentaries and films and recount some of the extraordinary encounters with the major players he interviewed.

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