Wed, Jun 29


Parking in the Safra Square parking

Gil Hovav

Gil Hovav, published author and television celebrity, creates and presents popular culinary television programs.

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Gil Hovav

זמן ומקום

Jun 29, 7:30 PM

Parking in the Safra Square parking, Ha-Sha'ar he-Khadash St, Jerusalem

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Lecture subject: “Simple Snacks and Remarkable Women”

Gil Hovav talks about food, Jerusalem, love, and the Hebrew language. In a relaxed conversation, he describes the almost tortuous methods that were used to seduce a skinny, soulful young Jerusalemite boy to eat fish; how the Palestine Liberation Organization was founded in his family’s living room; why his grandmother, Leah Abushadid, gave up her dowry in order to marry Itamar ben Avi (Eliezer Ben Yehuda’s son); and precisely when his own daughter brought him to the realization that the Hebrew language drove him completely crazy.

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